Fana'a - to die, to become dust with dust, to dissolve in the union of love!
Fana'a: Ranjha Revisited, collaboratively made by Navtej Johar and composers Madan Gopal Singh and Elangovan Govindrajan, is a dance-theatre piece that seamlessly fuses two archetypical narratives from North and South India: the predominant Sufi love legend from the Punjab, ‘Heer Ranjha’ interspersed with ‘Kutrala Kuravanji’, a genre of dance-drama from Tamil Nadu in which a gypsy foretells the heroine, Vasantvalli, of her destined union with Lord Siva.

Inspired by the open-as-the-sky abandon of Sufi poetry and, on the other hand, the crystallized structures which inform the Tamil poetic expression, Fana'a: Ranjha Revisited attempts to diffuse the ‘high’ and ‘low-art’ polarities through a male-duet, freely intermixing and juxtaposing the two texts without a fixed flow of narrative or fixed characterizations. Hence, Ranjha becomes Siva, becomes Vasantvalli, becomes Heer, a gypsy, a sakhi, a mendicant, and so on. Each identity willingly immersing itself in the other. Shedding its skin to discover another. Drawing on plural dance vocabularies -Bharatanatyam, Chhau, Yoga, modern dance and physical theatre, the choreographic treatment remains contemporary.

Operatic in nature, the work centers on Ranjha - a harbinger of continuity - who is continuously changing through his response to the land, the sound and the sensuous core of life. Fascinated by his own impermanence, Ranjha thus becomes the bard of a million masquerades, crossing cultural, spiritual and existential spaces with ease, acquiring both impermanence and omnipresence.
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Making of Fana'a:
Ranjha Revisited - a film