Technical Requirements

- A black dance floor.
- A white cyclorama as far upstage as possible.
- Ideally, a black scrim as well, downstage of
the cyc lights, but this is not necessary.

- A complete front wash of the stage.
- Warm Top/Back Wash
- Cool Top/Back Wash
- Pink Top/Back Wash
- Dapple Breakup
- Sides lights: Head-highs, Mids, Overshins and Shins from both sides.
- 2 Low side specials
- 1 C/C Top special, 6’-8’ in diameter
- 3 Square Tops
- 4 more area specials
- 3 colours of cyclorama lighting

- Main audience fills (Mono or Stereo)
- Onstage monitors
- 2 CD players, with the ability to crossfade.


Please direct further technical inquiries to:
Gavin McDonald
Cell: (416)565-6464